The New Workplace Weekly Digest 04/10

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Asking others for advices…

…makes us smarter and it’s extraordinarily beneficial, recent studies conducted at the Wharton School of Business by behavioral scientists show. It generates new insights and it actually makes you look good. Just as the article concludes, there’s reason we work with other people: an entire office of heads is way better than one. Learn more by reading “Stumped at work? Here’s why you should always ask for advice” by John Paul Titlow for FastCompany.

Enterprise social technology…

…can help accelerate change, but technology alone is not enough, you need to invest in organizational change, states Susan Hanley. Inspired by a McKinsey article, she believes there are 5 key foundational elements to driving adoption and overcoming barriers. Know what these steps are in her “5 Key Approaches to Overcome Barriers and Ensure Success with Enterprise Social” article for NetworkWorld.

The configuration workforce…

…is changing and most organizations today rely on knowledge and creative input when seeking competitive advantage. According to a recent study of Inc. 500 companies, most expect to offer flexible and remote working to attract employees in the near future. To a large extent, E2.0 and social business provides some of the technology and behavioral solutions for remote communication and coordination. Take a few minutes to learn more on the subject by reading “Redefining productivity in the 21st Century workplace” in PostShift.

Great workforce collaboration…

…has become a major competitive differentiator today. When comparing social business with team collaboration, it turns out simplicity tends to win in short term when it comes to collaboration. The ease of adoption and ready-for-immediate use nature of today’s generation of more team-based collaborative tools make social business look like harder work. But organizations that want their employees to reach their fullest measure of potential need to reconcile the two models whenever possible. Read more on the subject: “Should You Enable ‘Big’ Social Business or Team Collaboration?” by Dion Hinchcliffe for CMSWire.

Teams that use some sort…

…of Enterprise Q&A can get up to a fifth of their answers from unexpected sources. There are tons of ideas and different expertise people around you have and would love to share. You only have to ask them – you might be surprised how safe and fast getting solutions from your peers is. Leading Through Connections, IBM’s CEO study, ranked collaboration as the number-one factor that CEOs are seeking in handling the war for talent. Read our latest blog post “Getting Your Answers From Unexpected Sources” to learn more.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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