The New Workplace Weekly Digest 02/06

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Every Friday, we prepare for you a short digest with news covering subjects related to employee engagement, collaboration, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, leadership and the future of work.

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Here’s this week’s brief:

Employee engagement is strongly…

…linked to emotional intelligence, so hiring for knowledge and experience only might often prove ineffective. Employees changed their expectations about the workplace – just money won’t do it anymore. A united culture, transparency and feedback are important aspects as well. Read Steven Parker’s “What really matters to potential employees” article for Fast Company to learn more.

In order to succeed and thrive…

…in a new business environment, organizations must align to the future of work trends. Too generic? Well, this infographic will sum it up for you – short spoiler: out with siloed workforce, in with the connected workforce. Check out Jacob Morgan’s last piece for Forbes, “The Complete Guide To How Every Organization Must Evolve To The Future Of Work“ to update your info on the subject.

Collaboration technologies will guide…

…the next generation organizations and will continue reshape the look and feel of the workplace. With work environments shifting from traditional to more advanced collaboration environments, more employees will look to their employers for flexible yet productive “offices” to conduct work from wherever they choose. Read the trends in detail in FirstPost: “Top seven workplace of the future predictions for 2015”.

There are three elements that hinder…

…collaborative culture adoption within organizations according to Ben Elijah, author of The Productivity Habits– one of these elements is that information is siloed. However, there are several actions that leaders can deploy in order to trigger serial collaboration, like rewarding your top knowledge contributors. Read his post for Training Journal, “Creating a culture of serial collaboration” to learn how to enjoy the benefits of a collaborative culture.

It took Slack less than a year…

…to break down businesses’ addiction to the half century old technology – email. Quandra’s and Slack’s missions share a common goal (we aim at improving knowledge sharing and take it out of email, very much like Slack aims to get notifications and internal communication out of email), so an integration was imminent. Check out our latest blog post “Quandora loves Slack. Therefore, Quandora integrates with Slack” and learn how to connect the two Enterprise 2.0 tools.

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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