How to ask for help at work?

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No matter how well prepared we are, there will always be an information that we need, be it from a different area of knowledge or our own. When this happens at work, getting as fast as possible to that information becomes even more important. Inaccessible information leads to lost opportunities.

But in most cases we bump into different obstacles that we need to deal with. Personality is one of them. We are all different and in a company we usually hire by potential and professional requests, so having a friendly personality is not really a demand. Work is not for bonding, still usually everyone is open for a coffee chit-chat. But when it comes to work help, stiffness and individuality stands in the way of collaboration. Shyness and self-doubt are also personality barriers.

This kind of behaviors can be easier tackled if we offer proper communication tools. Skipping the step of direct approaching can have positive effects, encouraging everyone in a company participate in work related talks. Which is the perfect mission for a social enterprise tool.

If everyone concentrates on the main purpose of that tool, in our case knowledge sharing, the aspects of our colleagues temperament or disposition fades away. Everyone needs help and many of us can offer it. It works like that for everyone.

Our internal Q&A aims to aggregate collective knowledge and to put it at work for everyone’s interest. And the most fascinating part of the internal Q&A system is that the beneficiaries outrun the participants. Meaning that the shared information will contribute to customers and partners relations as well as for other employees assistance.

Support internal communication and help make everyone participate by offering the social enterprise tool your team needs. Proactivity leads to productivity.

That’s our ambition and we are constantly trying to improve our product according to feedbacks we get from our customers. We could use your opinion too, so don’t hesitate to test Quandora anytime – we have a 30 days free trial, so click that sign-up button 🙂

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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