How meaningful are your employee engagement actions?

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For a vast majority, the measurement unit for a good job comes down to just one question “how much money do you make?”. We must all agree that remuneration plays a big part in the work satisfaction process, but if that would be all there is, we would only see successful and fulfilled professionals on one side, and ineffective on the other. The comfort that employees long for can’t be reduced to money and it would be a mistake to evaluate a job by its financial rewards only.

There are more aspects that add value to a workplace and that contribute to creating a healthy and beneficial environment. These aspects influence engagement and take effect at both personal and community level.

So what are these aspects that are not directly related to money compensations?

At personal level: Every employee represents a gear in the whole system. But this is not a precision mechanics class, so you can’t remove personality from the equation. People need employers to hear them out. They need awareness for their actions and they hate being lost in worn hierarchical schemes.

At community level: Employees need to feel proud when they talk about their company, before anything else. The process of identifying themselves with organization’s success is the best proof of engagement and that you must be doing something right. When you as a company beat the competition, they as individuals also feel victorious.

This is why ESNs and collaborative software platforms find their place so naturally in today’s management science. Knowledge sharing combines collective efforts by highlighting individual expertise, but with aftereffects for the companies as a whole.

So how devoted are you to engaging your employees? Do you also show availability to strengthen people’s loyalty or you’re just doing the salary raise math?

Happy Knowledge Sharing!

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