How Internal Collaboration Sets In Motion Experiential Learning

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So there’s this crazy idea that learning doesn’t only happen when studying the documentations around a subject, but also when we are directly faced with a situation, in other words learning from a direct experience. So I don’t necessarily need to RTFM? Yes sir, I’ll have that!

This is what they call experiential learning. And we love it! It stands exactly for what we also believe in: practicability, resourcefulness, within reach knowledge.

So what are some of the advantages of experiential learning over the didactic one? To start with, the reason of learning shifts from hypothetical to on-demand situations. You don’t study something that you might need, you do it because you need it now. It’s a building skills on the way process. This will help you save resources and channel your energy on things that really matter.

And then there’s the durability of knowledge. When you learn doing something by actually doing it, the knowledge you acquire gets a double value: that of the explicit knowledge (the know-what that is accessible with the conventional learning as well), and particularly that of the implicit knowledge – the know-how, the solid worth of practice.

An internal collaboration solution has the power to stimulate this type of learning, by simply activating the right environment for knowledge sharing activities. For specific knowledge sharing activities to be exact. No re-inventing the wheel actions, no mistakes repetition, no exhausting information races, but actual work.

With this thought in our mind, we opted to build Quandora in a Q&A format. It lends you focus and it’s practical: you ask when you need to find out. Or maybe you’ll find your answers right there. Enter Knowledge! 🙂

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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