Engage your users: weekly newsletter available with Quandora 1.3.4

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Weekly newsletter

Quandora 1.3.4 was released and it’s now live as per today October 30th, 2012.

We could have called this release “Sandy”. Or “Frankenstorm”. (Or similar). That’s because the release was done a couple of hours before power went down. Since then, we’ve been still waiting for electricity, but we’re happy the release went through, and the service is fine, up and running.

We won’t call the release this way though, as we prefer to forget about this name as soon as possible. And before moving on with our release announcement, we would like to express our sympathy to all those from the US East Coast that have been affected by this terrible storm. Please stay safe and keep the faith!

Back to our release, with Quandora 1.3.4, a weekly newsletter option is now available, as well as a hints service suggesting people useful actions.

Weekly newsletter

Weekly newsletterAs some of you may have noticed, a Knowledge Base’s members now receive weekly newsletters highlighting the most interesting content from the previous week’s activity. For now two categories are included:

Top questions of the week: the most voted and, subsequently (at equal number of votes), most viewed, of the questions that have been asked, answered, voted, commented, or heavily viewed during the past week.

A knowledge base being by definition a community of people linked by common interests and capabilities, the popular content has pretty good chances to be relevant for all the member.

Unanswered questions: the most voted and, subsequently, most viewed of the unanswered questions from the base.

The goal is to help bring the questions people express interest in to experts that are able to answer them.

The weekly newsletter option is activated by default, but can be disabled by the user in his notifications configuration page.

Usage hints

Usage hintsWhen using Quandora, people are not necessarily aware of all the options that are available to them, and that’s normal: they need to focus on content rather than features. This is why we are now providing an “usage hints” service, that suggests to the user from time to time actions that could be useful to him, based on the navigation context and user history. The most typical example is the “Follow” suggestions, that can point the user to interesting resources to follow, be them knowledge bases, tags or users.

Of course, people can disable the hints in their preferences. It is enabled by default.

The beauty of this service is that now that its bases are put, it’s entirely extensible: we can easily add more hints. Diligently, of course, since we want to keep them useful (and definitely not annoying :-)).

What’s next

The next release will be out in about 2 weeks, and will include mostly features dedicated to public communities.

Stay tuned, and meanwhile, happy knowledge sharing!

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