A Short Scan On 5 Social Business Mechanisms

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These mechanisms are 5 of the most valuable characteristics open business use to improve the processes you employ for the management of your organization. I hope this short scan will show you how an internal Q&A like Quandora can prove an efficient tool for your business, especially when it comes to employees engagement.

  • Gamification – Still a controversial feature of social tools, gamification has the role of making work more fun by transferring the level-up accomplishments that gamers experience into everyday work tasks. We went for badges and reputation points (leaderboards) because they work as positive incentives.
  • Integrations – Compatibility is a key word not only in personal life, but when talking about software too. Connecting a new tool to a software that already works for your company is a common demand. That’s why we offer integration with Google Apps, Yammer, SalesForce, Zendesk, Atlassian products, Github and others.
  • Acknowledgment – For yourself and for others. Relations between colleagues have always been subjected to different elements of social pressure. And this is the perfect setting to eliminate all that malice. Professional recognition can do that. Becoming aware of your co-workers role in the company as well as of their expertise extent will create a new perspective for all employees.
  • Metrics – This is the most tangible feature of all. Social can actually talk. Its vocabulary is mostly graphs and top lists, but it’s a n appropriate way of letting you know what works in your organization and what needs some more contribution from you.
  • Knowledge sharing – The supreme goal. Knowledge is the best business fuel there is, so increasing its volume and its velocity of propagation is a success story. Learning from each other is not, of course, a new concept – adapt it so that an organized group could benefit from it is another story. Quandora story 🙂

Happy Knowledge Sharing!


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