5 Signs You Suffer From Temporary Management Blindness*

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  1. You don’t really believe in collaboration.  If you’ve been trained to encourage individual progress, it might get kind of hard to assimilate the internal collaboration wave. But this doesn’t mean that social business doesn’t have some new tricks for everybody. You may gain from being open to new management concepts, so it’s better to stay updated about the new technologies that might trigger progress for your company. If you don’t understand what the fuss is all about, read as much as possible on the subject and avoid making decisions without even bothering to test a collaborative platform. You could start with this post on the advantages of coordination.
  2. You think gamification has no results. This is usually due to previous not so satisfying experience with it or that you just have a preconception on this feature. It’s important to consider the needs and ambitions of your team before deciding against the implementation of such a solution. Remember that a good gamification employment can have a positive effect on the productivity of your team.
  3. You prefer meetings over open talks. Communication is a fitting key to any problem solving session or future planning, but not so much when it disconnects your employees from what they were doing. Keeping a stable workflow is often more valuable than gathering for hours in a meeting room. Modern solutions like ESNs and knowledge sharing software can help the team keep a constant and open talk about their concerns.
  4. You believe that investing money is enough. No, unfortunately making sure your employees get a regular raise won’t keep them engaged. Or that by investing big money in high-tech will keep them proactive and tireless. Even the most expensive tools or lavish benefits can’t take the place of a fair and relaxed work environment, as unity is what keeps you employees happy.
  5. You are reluctant to change, but you push your employees to feel otherwise. As you well know, managers have to make sure their teams do not feel their hesitations, as human as they are. Being a leader is not an easy job, but once you’re holding this position, is crucial to ease the process of any transition. If they will feel even the smallest trace of hesitation from you, the whole team will be subjected to an unnecessary amount of stress. If making a change feels new for you too, admit you all learn as you go, but avoid being bivalent regarding its authenticity.

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*We’re no management doctors and we count on you being open to the humoristic note of the title 🙂

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